Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Non-Scheduled Stop - Amtrak Shoots Its Foot Again

We know that Amtrak has its problems, but when it comes to the Acela trainsets, it just makes one wonder why those of us who are pro-Amtrak funding don't just give up. The one component of Amtrak that probably will get full federal funding is kaput.

We suggest that you read the following link to understand the latest of the many problems besetting the Acela trains.

One wonders: Is this a conspiracy of the French and Canadians to make us look Just Plain Stupid? Acela? Acceleration and excellence? It's more like "access limited and expensive failures." Is there a qualified mechanical, materials, or design engineer anywhere at Amtrak? Did they just take Bombardier's word for it? Thank God none of these failures has resulted in a fatality. Why, oh why, do we bother?

In future blogs, we hope to regain enough composure to answer the last question. For now, and if we were an MC or a Senator, we would be asking for Amtrak's head on a cracked brake rotor!


Friday, April 15, 2005

Funding and The Great Lie - Blogging the DOT

Finally, the Bush Administration is doing something right about Amtrak.

Please follow this link to read the press release on the Passenger Rail Investment Reform Act.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Funding and The Great Lie - Airing the Other Side

Out of fairness to the other side of the story, I would like to give any reader an opportunity to read my son's blog. You can find it at

More posts soon.

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