Monday, April 03, 2006

Sharing Railroad Goodies

Some of them are keepers.

We have been neglectful in posting some of the most interesting railroad things we have found on line.

We should have posted a link to the New Mexico Rail Runner screensaver long ago. It starts out with an almost Looney Tunes kind of roadrunner, and then goes on with the train running along several different stretches of New Mexico Track. Even if the train turns out to be a flop, this is a neat screen saver, and the Feds have already paid for it.

One of my favorites for just a lot of railroad photos and information is Fallen Flag Railroad Photos. This is a mix of just about everything, but there are some very good photos of passenger equipment to be seen.

Heavy on the Passenger Rail side is Dave's Electric Railroads. This is just full of photos of all kinds of electric railroading, including streetcar lines and rapid transit.

On the subject of rapid transit, check out if you are even remotely interested in the Chicago Transit Authority and its history. This site isn't so full of photos, but it has a lot of text and some spots where visitors can post their memories.

We don't know how to quantify it, but this one is one of the top five for just plain fun. Live Railroad Radio Communications has live hookups with train radio signals from all over, many of them on passenger routes. The latter include BNSF Railway in Chicago, BNSF Metrolink, Los Angeles, and Harrisburg, PA. There are, unfortunately, no direct Amtrak or commuter rail hookups.

Finally, for another interesting screensaver, go to this link, for an easy screensaver called Train Maniac that is just plain escapist fun to watch. It starts out with a maniac laying track over your desktop with the contents of the desktop showing behind it only in blocks where track is placed. Shortly, the little train comes running and tries to catch up with the maniac. Never does. Train Maniac is a bit of freeware.

We ask that you honor the copyrights of all of the goodies that we have linked in this blog.

Next time we share, we will try to find some interesting sites for those of you who are into simulations.

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