Sunday, February 04, 2007


Passenger Rail is trending to:

Less of the Federal funding pie going to intracity transit. Rapid transit and light rail on dedicated right of way will continue to grow, however. Local governmental transit districts will to more of the funding.

Light rail growing as a rebirth of streetcars or the equivalent.

More full-size commuter rail on both owned and shared (with freight rail) right of way.

Commuter rail for cities that never had commuter rail before the freight railroads gave up on passengers.


Computerization. (Big surprise.)

The eventual dissolution or complete restructuring of Amtrak. Alex Kummant will not be able to do anything that drastically different. As we swing into a Democrat political cycle there will just be more of the same. There is no trend to tell us what post-Amtrak heavy passenger rail will look like. But . . .

Interest on behalf of private enterprise running passenger trains. Could we be looking at government owned infrastructure with trains owned and operated by private enterprise under franchise?

A higher density of service in any case. More people in more seats going more miles by Passenger Rail of one kind or another.

The trend is good.

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