Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Span of Attention

Anniversary Post. Mistertrains and Missustrains celebrate their 37th.

We come to the trough and expect to find water in it. If Congress is the trough, then the water has become a bunch of old geezers playing god with our government. Those that aren't geezers are running for president.

Nowhere was this more apparent than during the all night debate over Iraq troop withdrawal.

A comment-poster wanted a plan. We plan to do everything we can to see that not one - and I must repeat NOT ONE - incumbent gets re-elected this cycle. Too much is at stake for Passenger Rail and for other critical issues in this country. We are getting tired of the same old crap. Hope everybody is with us.

Thanks to all for reading this blog and for your creative, thoughtful, and positively inspiring comments. Keep it up.

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