Sunday, March 09, 2008

Follow the Cash

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Who has most of the loose cash to spend? And who needs to find ways to keep getting people through the doors despite the faultering economy?

No, it's not a government subsidized polling place. It's Indian Gaming!

Amtrak and anyone else trying to get Passenger Rail and/or HSR going in this country needs to look at Indian Gaming as a potential partner. Routing new trains through or very near casinos, perhaps with connecting light rail or monorail lines (a la Vegas' successful/unsuccessful monorail), needs to be given heavy thought and probable priority.

We in New Mexico already have stops near Indian casinos. But Gov. Richardson missed the boat when he didn't ask them to pony up some of the costs. Maybe he still can.

In other places, like Minnesota, it's still possible to get them involved and get our train-loving hands on some of their cash.

We are being a bit course, of course, but this is a real win-win situation for both the tribes and the trains. We hope Amtrak and every state agency now thinking of sponsoring and funding passenger rail reads this. Readers please help by forwarding this post to any projects in your state.

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