Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Serious Business - Proposition 2

Proposition 2:  The business plans for the freight railroads do not include Passenger Rail.

If we are talking about the major players, I think this is a fallacy.  Sure there are some railroads, probably mostly short lines, where you could say there will never be a scheduled passenger train.  And you'd be right.

If I were running a major railroad, however, I would want to have a business plan in place that includes contingencies for carrying passengers.  Even for carrying a lot of them.  Given the current world political and economic climate, I can imagine many scenarios where Passenger Rail could become very strategically important, both economically and militarily.

So I cannot believe that the people running the major, Class One railroads, are not smarter than I am.

So the next question becomes this:  Would operation of passenger services by modern freight railroads make Passenger Rail better, or worse?

Does anyone see where I'm going with this?

Next time:  Proposition 3.

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