Sunday, May 06, 2012

Losing Interest - Gaining Riders

The view count for this blog is going down, and that's my fault.  It's not that I'm losing interest, per se, it's that I'm finding it harder and harder, in this economy, to write content that has no realistic chance to produce income.  Sure there's Google advertising, but that's not generating enough to buy a loaf of bread, even at the ridiculously low price of bread.

That's not what's happening to Passenger Rail.

In a Murphy's Law kind of way, the transportation industry has perversely decided - contrary to my old mantra of "You Can't Make a Profit on Passenger Rail" - that it may be possible to build and run privately operated passenger rail service.

Most recently, Trains Magazine is reporting that Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) is serious about running a privately operated rail passenger service from Orlando to Miami, Florida, and this at speeds of up to 110 mph and including running on 40 miles of proposed new track from Orlando to Cocoa.  FEC is a privately held company, but it is held by Fortress, an investment company with lots and lots of capital.

This tells me that Capital (big C) is not losing interest.  Maybe thinking, "If money can be made investing in freight rail, why not passenger?"

I'm going to make a serious effort to not lose interest and keep this blog going.  But what with two novels I'm working on, others I'm trying to sell, and the need to keep working at a full-time day job past retirement age, time is limited.  You can help:  Look for my novels on,, and  Or just link to  Thanks.

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