Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Short Video Documentary - Railroad Preservation - Worth Watching!

I'm taking a different path with this entry and recommending this documentary.  The filmmaker, Julien Lasseur, approached me and asked that I review the short film.  It is certainly excellently done, and worth every second it takes to watch.  Here's the film:

In the shadows of Cleveland's once prosperous steel mills, Charlie Sedgley and his fellow members of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society work to bring historical steam engines and railcars back to life.
Julien says, "When working with Charlie, most of our footage came from the tour he typically gives for folks who visit the Society. Afterwards, we sat down with him and had a conversation. When we find a subject to profile, we prefer to approach them first and foremost as an interlocutor - one side of a dialogue between us and them, with our cameras as one of the many tools in the formula. We do our best to stay reactive, and follow wherever the conversation takes us. With this ‘sense of adventure’ or receptive approach in mind, we hope that the stories we uncover speak for themselves."

I wish Julien the best of luck in continuing his proposed series on America's industrial heartland.

*Video copyright by the producers and/or Julien Lassseur.  Contact Julien Lasseur at for more info.
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